b'MountingAll Chandeliers, Pendants and Hanging Lanterns include a 5-7/8" canopy and 36" chain unless otherwise noted. Ceiling1. 2. 3.1. Spun Iron Canopy2. Spun Brass Canopy3. Cast Brass Canopy4. Iron Chain 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.5. Brass Chain6. Iron Hollow Hook, Lg7. Iron Solid Hook, Lg8. Iron Twisted Hook9. Iron Hollow Hook, Sm10. Iron Solid Hook, SmWall Lanterns and Sconces are fabricated with a standard bracket. Custom Large and Small Bracket options shown below. Post Lanterns are accompanied by a 3" post collar with either a Bronze or Iron Post Bracket.Wall11. 13.11. Custom Bracket, Lg12. Custom Bracket, SmPost12.13. Bronze BracketOPTIONS 14. Iron Bracket 14.110 (610) 518-3999hmwpa com'