Our award-winning team of blacksmiths, metalsmiths, and artisans has decades of experience handcrafting each project in-house, using innovative techniques and premium materials. Each project, whether signature or custom, is artistically mastered by highly skilled men and women who meticulously produce only the finest lighting, hardware, and architectural metalwork.

Heritage Metalworks offers two historically inspired lighting lines, Scofield Lighting and Heritage Traditions Lighting. With our in-house tin shop, blacksmith shop, and foundry, these authentic reproductions are made by hand, using original tools, methods, and finishes. Over 200 iron, brass, copper, and tin designs are available with unlimited personalization options. Copper and tin components are made using ancient practices that allow us to produce strong, durable lighting, made to last the elements of time. Iron fixtures are hand forged and sometimes enhanced with cast brass components showing the beauty and character of mixed metals. Brass fixtures are cast by melting brass, pouring into special molds, then assembling with precise detail.

Each fixture, material dependent, has a variety of finish options. Copper fixtures are finished with a “living finish”, also called a live patina. Patina offers a unique perspective on the beauty of metal, showcasing the true essence through an array of shades and patterns. Unlike paint, patina allows the depth of the metal to shine through its natural state. Over time, the finish will naturally change into various shades, influenced by factors like weather, touch, time, and exposure to the environment. Tin fixtures are treated with rust-resistant aging techniques, soaked in a mixture of acids, and stripped of a coating to reveal the natural metal. Afterward they are dipped in blackened steel and left to air dry. A combination of dark wax and natural dirt is applied to the fixture to add texture and unique character. Iron fixtures are sealed with wax to highlight the unique hand forged detail and texture. Brass fixtures are cast and finished in a variety of shades and techniques including polished, brushed, and antiqued.

All fixtures are electrified, UL tested, certified, and marked for damp, dry, or wet locations. Every aspect of the fixture is then carefully inspected by our craftspeople before release.

HMW Forge is our signature hardware line, featuring over 350 period-specific hand forged and cast brass hardware designs. Each piece is crafted by our highly skilled metalsmiths with the trade finesse and mechanical know-how to make exceptionally durable and timeless hardware for cabinet, door, barn, and shutter projects. With every hit of the hammer and bend of metal, our iron hardware is hand forged by blacksmiths using ancient methods and skill. This only comes with patience and experience. The look and feel of every piece off the anvil is unique and carries its own individual fingerprint. Finishing is an art of its own. Wax is applied generously to the hardware, sealing in texture and adding durability.

Solid brass and bronze pieces are cast in our foundry by metalsmiths. We use the “Lost Wax Process”, meaning patterns are delicately sculpted and then molded to create wax patterns. The wax is then then invested or “coated” with plaster like material that molten metal is poured into. Once cooled, the mold is extracted from the casting, finished, and polished to perfection. 

Architectural Metalwork

With our broad-range and customization capabilities, our craftspeople create truly special pieces of art that are both functional and distinctive including architectural furniture, fireplace surrounds, range hoods, countertops, decorative objects, gates, and railings. Our metalsmiths focus on crafting your distinct vision using state-of-the-art, innovative drawings as a roadmap, high-quality materials, and fabrication methods that can only come from experience. Period or modern inspired, when it comes to metal, we accept the challenge, ensuring craftsmanship and attention to detail is the highest priority.